Hi, I’m Juhi, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes education and care specialist, providing variety of nutrition services via telehealth. I specialize in helping others to develop happier, healthier relationships with food. I believe that healthy eating should be delicious and fun — not restrictive, time consuming, or stressful. Let me help you make your life healthier each day! 

I grew up in a traditional Indian household surrounded by food and people who loved to cook multicultural cuisines. The good food values and a beautiful relationship of health with food started from very young age for me.I always wanted to be a healthcare worker and soon after graduation I decided, food and nutrition to be my career in healthcare. 

Now this is my passion, which wakes me up every Monday morning with Enthusiasm and vigor to help my clients build a better relationship with food and achieve their health goals.

I have over 16 years of experience in field of outpatient nutrition working with clients of all ages, from making simple lifestyle changes to chronic disease management and insulin management.

My Niche comes in Diabetes management, vegetarian and vegan diets, weight loss and mindful eating .


Juhi Gupta MS, RDN, CDCES is a registered dietitian and has been credentialed since 2003. A certified diabetes education and care specialist since 2013 and Certified Lifestyle coach from 2019.

She completed her Masters of Science in Organic Chemistry from CCSU as topper in her class and also MBA in Marking as a topper in her class. She completed Co-ordinated program in dietetics from Wayne State University in 2003 with her name on Dean’s list.

​In addition to her private practice she works as Outpatient Diabetes Educator Dietitian at Saint Francis hospital and ECHN.​ Also working as lifestyle coach at CDC accredited program locally.

She loves working with all age groups and with all health concerns. She has significant experience working with individuals with Diabetes: Type 1, type 2 and gestational as well as weight loss. food allergies/intolerances, heart disease, GI issues, Intuitive /mindful eating and more.

Juhi works with clients to improve their relationships with food and reduce stress about food. She believes in an “everything in moderation” approach and encourages clients to ditch the diet mentality and enjoy real, whole foods – and yes, that includes dessert! 

Over the years, Juhi has encouraged her clients to try sustainable dietary modifications, healthy twists on traditional recipes, including physical activity along with focusing on stress management and sleep patterns. She believes in imparting these skills to her clients that makes it easier and fun for clients to stay healthy 

Juhi’s nutrition and fitness advice, health tips, and delicious recipes have been featured in multiple monthly nutrition newsletter of Saint Francis hospital And Connecticut’s dietetic association’s cook book.

Juhi has spoken at local venues like Lighthouse mission meets, Pre-schools, Hindu temple, Local NGOs for Asian people in America on various topics of nutrition and wellness.

Juhi has worked to provide life changing one-on-one nutrition coaching services in person and on video platform along with dynamic group programs on Zoom.